Latest 2021Traditional dresses design & Fashion ideas & Styles Tects

Latest 2021 Traditional dresses design & Fashion ideas & Styles Tects.  Trying Fashion is the perfection in the attitude of life ,Fashion enhance the personality…

Ethnic wear style

There are many ethnic traditional dresses which people like to wear on traditional  events, days & functions to look pretty  and attracted one. The best thing on traditional days is to wear a gowns, saree, frock, lehenga choli & some simple or beautiful shirts to have a look stunned and different. Well Dressing sense is the perfection of your personality.

Latest Maxi & frocks simple or fancy designs

There are different ways to look beautiful in traditional ethnic style. The best thing which I suggested is to wear a light colors in light traditional days like Eid. The long frock is also known as Maxi . If you are wearing a heavy maxi so you should not use heavy jewelry . The best way of looking simple and pretty is to wear a tops only.

The combination of dark colors makes it more attracts one. The use of light simple dressing make you personality different if you are young one if you are attending a simple function but if you are attending a wedding you you give a touch of fancy beads and pearls.



Latest simple Saree designs

styling represent the personality , it is the essence & flavor in a life. People also suggest to wear saree because it enhance the personality and make attracted one. In saree the best thing is making a large & long pallu and specially the the saree depends on wearing side or way which represent your personality . With fancy saree the best look is created when you wear a light weight jewelry & glittered eye makeup. Saree gives a traditional look

The saree looks best when it have a large pallu and knoe saree is trending with frock . The combination of frock and saree is unique . which enhance and gossamer the personality.


Some simple styling shirts

Some simple styling shirts also enhance the look and the beauty . Mostly the people are attracted by some simple , different , beautiful & suitable dressing , in which the simple and totally different styling shirts . women & girls specially modern ladies like the things which are totally different from others and are cheap in price. simple shirts are easily design when you have urge to make something different , so the first step is to make the mind and  second step is to start using your wild ideas and by seeing some designs   

latest & simple gowns with shirts designs

Gown can be made easily with the help of some fancy pieces and laces . it is the addition in the variety of dresses. it made the stunning usually people uses the combination of dark colors. the combination of dark and bright colors make the clothes attracted one . The use of some fancy buttons make it more beautiful & attracted , which is the addition in the styling of dressing.

Simple lehenga  designs for girls
Lehenga is totally different thing from every other dresses , lehenga keep looks good & attracted one if you are making it with different bright and dark colors with the combination of dark pink , yellow, green and orange it seems attracted & sublime to others and also yourself . As every one knows that every girl want to look fetching , exquisite and resplendent . That is make with the dark and bright colors combination which make a knockout and enhancive look. It is the addition it variety of dresses.

The combination of darker colors make it attracted but the contrast of purely different and unique colors make it more attracted one.

As it looks that in this picture the dark and bright colors are attracted one which seems gossamer to you. The combination of colors are the main factor of making a dress beautiful & glamour’s.