Top Trending Bloggers


Top bloggers list 0f 2021 .  The bloggers which was famous and most trending in 2020 and they updated their selves . Vloggers are people who have a video channel on which they periodically upload content. their own blogs . Vlogger means “Video Blogger”. Video blogs are a form of online television which are increasingly common on sites such as YouTube. Vloggers are people who regularly publish video blogs. Some vloggers are also bloggers and embed their videos among text on a blog or website. To put it simply, vlogging is posting videos online, and yet, it is much more than that. A vlog is an interactive video blog post about upcoming events or a vlogger’s daily life, as well as any other activity a vlogger thinks is worth mentioning through a video, instead of writing it on their blog.

                                               Top Trending bloggers

Merium Pervaiz


She is a decent blogger or vlogger whatever you say . People loves because of her way of talking humbly .she starts her journey as a makeup creator but latterly  she starts as a wardrobe designer creator and now she is also a chef kitchen expert . she has started her journey from Instagram and latterly she created YouTube channel and now she is a blogger in which she puts a different a content there  and she has also created a YouTube channel on  recipes of delicious food . She work hard a lot in a year and get trending one personality and get a lot of love from their fans because of their humble and unique personality .  she started their journey after her marriage and now she is lives with her in laws and when she started she was a housewife and also a mother . She has also a daughter  , her daughter is also loved by everyone .  Now she she become a part of every family . she face a lot of difficulties but never tiered. Now she is an inspiring personality for every one . their fans loves her a lot . She has also launches her on brand with the name of  @meriumpervaizcosmetics and get a lot of love from her fans and also criticize because people get  insecurity and jealous from from success day by day . she belong to a noble and rich  family . Now she is a great admirer and inspiring person.



Zahra Waseem



She is a beautiful and talented  vlogger or blogger what ever you say . People like her a lot because of her innocence . Basically she inspire people by her dressing . she is content creator . she starts her journey from tick tock and after her marriage . She has a pretty and beautiful daughter , her daughter is loved by everyone . Now she is also a youtuber after her a long journey she had made a YouTube channnel  ( )where she also loved by everyone . she work hard a lot to get success but now she is famous one and loved by specially every girl . She starts her journey as housewife . she live with her in laws and starts a journey with hardwork because of her mindset . She inspires a lot people and get inspiriting personality . Now she become a glam Person of every family . She belong to a rich and noble Family , She is so warm hearted , She had a great lovely Followers .