latest beautiful nail paint style

latest beautiful nail paint style . Nail Art is the passion of girls .Coffin nails are the most popular style for making a statement. They’re long, elegant, and can be decorated in many ways thanks to the length and shape. If you’re after a less elaborate option, then almond nails are also popular. While they can make a statement, the shape is a little more functional for everyday wear. There are twelve different basic nail shapes. The most common are square, round, oval, almond, and ballerina or coffin. Other less common ones include mountain peak, lipstick

Nails have for long been a vital measurement of beauty and style. With a little polish and heaps of creative energy, you can make your nails look extremely , wonderful and eye-catching. If you wish to be a glam queen, select any “cutsies” from these beautiful nail art designs and feel like there isn’t a spirit as colorful like you!

  1. A light shade of peach nail polish or nude color.
  2. Pink nail polish.
  3. A plastic sheet.
  4. A few toothpicks.
  5. A rectangular piece of sponge.
  6. Some cotton swabs.
  7. Nail polish remover.
  8. Clear polish.

Latest beautiful Nail art

Two tone nail art

A two-toned nail art design is one of the easiest nail art designs that can be done at home without any hassle and looks super stylish. All you need is two different nail paints and tape. Et voila you get beautiful two-toned nails at home.

Water marble nail art

Though the marbled effect is a tricky one to do without help, with a little practice you can master the technique and have a marvelous marbled nail effect.

polka-dot-nail-designpolka dot nailspolka dot nail art

Polka dots are timeless classics whether on clothes, shoes, or nails. This is the most popular nail art design for day wear as well as evening parties.

french manicure

Well, girls, it’s time to get creative and ditch the basic French manicure.h a tinge of glitter can add to your style.

Latest Beautiful Nail Art ideas in 2021