Latest Nailart ideas in 2021

Latest Nailart ideas in 2021 . It goes without saying that this has been a chaotic year. So if you’d rather not bring the drama with your manicure, that’s completely understandable. Yes, it’s really that simple . If you don’t have a steady hand, no worries, because this mani requires anything but. Simply paint on your base color, then choose three others to swipe onto the tape strip. When you’re ready, cut out triangular shapes (they don’t need to be perfect), stick them on your nails, then finish off with a top coat. While vlogger Kelli Marissa used white, green, gold, and red for her nails, feel free to use whatever color scheme suits what you’re celebrating this holiday season .If you already have a festive base color in mind, and only want to add a little something extra to your nails, look no further. Olive & June’s Nail Art Stickers offer a variety of teeny tiny embellishments you can use to create your own custom manicure — and you can use as many or as little as you’d like. When you’re done, just paint on a layer of top coat to seal them on.


Latest Nailart ideas

Parallel lines and vibrant colors always draw woman’s attention. Stripes are the easiest way to blend simplicity and style. You can never go wrong with these as they look trendy in every season and are really easy to do at home . If you are ready to look glitzy and edgy glittery nails are made for you. Glitter is known to add glamor to the overall look. Glittery nails can make you look like a total glam queen and make everyone fawn over your incredibly good looking nails .

Latest pink vibrant colour

The pink shade is is the  vibrant , pastel and attractive shade . It is the Pastel colors are really trendy and will surely set you in a spring mode. Pastel pinks, pastel purples, and smoky pastel colors will surely make any girl fall for them at first sight .

Latest vibrant & trendy colors

It is a nail paint which is electric neon nail color makes a statement like no other. Neon colors are bold, fun and flirty that can add flavor to your overall look. So go carefree and bold this season. Go neon…..






Latest sponged ombre nails

you must have noticed the ombre trend everywhere this season, and yes it caught on to nails too. Sponged ombre nails are the best option if you want to look festive but not too try-hard